An article about how bad it is to consume three 8.5% beer every night.

Drinks relax the mind and refresh you after a long day but only if the alcohol they contain is below the legal and health limit, otherwise you will have problems. Beer is considered the safest among alcoholic drinks, however it can be dangerous to your health or general life if the intake is not regulated, or when you let yourself get addicted. 8.5% alcohol in a drink is already relatively high, so consuming three of them per night will not just get you drunk but have more negative effects, especially if it becomes a norm. You could get physical and mental health problems like obesity and liver troubles, encounter family troubles, get affected at work, or drain your finances.

When you take alcoholic beer every day, even if the content is low, you risk having health issues since these drinks have lots of calories and their accumulation over time is dangerous. You should exercise after each intake to shake off the excess calories, but since you will be taking these drinks at night, you might go off to bed after, hence issues like obesity or pot-bellies may arise. Alcohol mostly affects the liver, and if taken continuously, the organ might be too damaged that it gives in, causing at worst death. You are also affected mentally since you grow to rely on the beer, causing addiction and the inability to think straight without a drink.

Problems at work after drunken nights

The most affected by continuous alcoholic drinks intake are families, so making it a habit to drink every night could strain even the strongest familial relationships. Whether you drink out or at home each evening, you might lack the time to interact with your children, and this neglection could cause poor performance, stress or make them feel rejected. After a bottle or two of beer, you might not think straight anymore, so frictions could arise between you and your spouse that might cause domestic abuse.

Problems at work after drunken nights are a common occurrence since not only will you have hangovers, but you may also not be in the right frame of mind to work efficiently. Late-night drinking will probably result in late mornings, meaning you will report to work late, and worse still spend the morning dealing with headaches. When such actions continue or long, you could be warned, have salaries reduced, be suspended or even fired from work. It can be worse if you are self-employed and nobody controls you because then you may not even report to work.

An article about how bad it is to consume three 8.5% beer every night

Buying beers for one or two consecutive days may be affordable, unlike doing it daily for weeks or even months, which will drain your finances if you are not well-off. For casual workers or poorly paid employees, affording the drinks becomes hard, and they consider using savings or other ways to raise that cash. If the situation becomes unbearable, some turn to vices like bribes and gambling just to afford a can of booze, something that can impact your whole life negatively. You can take every cent until your finances are wiped off, end up in debt from gambling for a drink, or even land in jail, which leaves a permanent mark on your existence.

No matter how much you need or want that drink, you should first consider if the alcohol content is safe, and if not, how and to what extent it will affect you. Some get influenced by friends or colleagues into drinking just to keep up with them, yet is all the fun and sense of belonging worth the consequences? The main point should be to only consume the drinks really make you happy, relaxed, and have no serious effects on your life, or not drink at all.