Energy drinks and their risk factors

Energy drinks are known to increase your energy, improve the quality of mental alertness and your general physical performance. Statistics shows that these drinks are the most popular consumed beverage among Americans, just after multivitamins. It is mostly taken by teenagers and young adults because they have a busier life and more daily activities than older individuals and young children. People usually take this beverage because of their busy lifestyle’s; some must wake up very early and come back home late, while feeling very exhausted from the day’s activities.

Another scenario, moms are tired coming

Another scenario, moms are tired coming from work and some times still need to clean the house. Also, look after the children (like bathing them and seeing their homework is done) and cook dinner for the family. In this case, the mom will take the liquid for more energy to get everything done, since the mother has a lot on her plate.

Students take these beverages to stay

Students take these beverages to stay awake at night for their studies, for instance, deadlines are around the corner that allows them to think they do not have a choice. Some times folks put pressure on students to perform better if they want a secure lifestyle or if the circumstances at home needs better care. Not all young adults can handle this kind of pressure, which results in some taking in too much energy drink/ s. In most cases, parents print the picture in the student’s head that continuing your studies on tertiary level is the only way out of your circumstances, which is not always the case. Even though taking a few sips from this liquid it increases your energy intake and help to get you through the day, it is not always the best choice. Most individuals drink them regularly, with a reasonable and understanding reason, but there are other alternatives.

Energy drinks and their risk factors

A recent incident proves how dangerous this substance is, a 26-year-old, male, from Texas died of consuming too much. There was 8-9 cans taken per day that led to a few clots in his blood. It blocked the blood flowing through the veins and the arteries in his heart, which resulted instantly in a heart attack. So instead of taking 8-9 cans like the young man did, it is safe to rather consume only 400 milligrams of caffeine per day as an adult, which is only 1 can and a maximum of 2 cans per day. To be more safe drink only once or twice per week, for the prevention of any health risks to the body.

Caffeine is a major ingredient, and not with little amounts, it even contains more amounts than a cup of coffee. Additionally, studies show that a huge number of intakes are a risk on our health, as much as it increases alertness and physical. Furthermore, it has an effect especially on the heart, and blood vessel problems, where an increase in pressure on the blood and the heart rate takes place. The overuse of caffeine may be associated with anxiety, causing sleeping problems and disrupt your sleeping pattern, digestive problems occurs and dehydration too. Not only have energy drinks a huge amount of caffeine in just one can, but their sugar intake exceeds the maximum amount of added sugars that is recommended for an entire day for just a single person. Drinking too much of the beverage can cause death, some of the most common type of soft drinks are Red Bull, Monster, Dragon and Rock star.

It is not the best idea to consume soft drinks, but if so, it is important to read the labels carefully to check the amounts as it can harm you. The providence is nothing but some unhealthy kind of behaviors and contains other harmful chemical compounds and a strong addiction, which is not easy to escape from. A good way to resort our energy and prevent us from feeling tired during the day is the natural way. Such as drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day, sleep every simultaneously, eat healthy and have a healthy diet. If you do need extra energy during the day, then you can eat some chocolate, drink green juices and green tea, protein shakes are another alternative and water, of course as well.