How the society can shape you

When you are growing, some times you grow to become like the people that are around you, and this doesn’t only include your immediate family, it also includes the society you find yourself in. Truly, most peeps become bad because they found themselves growing in a bad environment (or you can say society), and this will determine how they will turn out to be. Well, this is not the case always, as some peeps that have bad people around them turn out to become the best type of peeps on earth. Without wasting more time, we are going to share the episode of a growing girl, and how the society she found herself in made her become who she is today.

To start with, this lady is

To start with, this lady is a rich business woman in America, although she wasn’t born in this nation. She found herself born into a religious society (a town in India) that valued their belief, and you had to be righteous. The society punished offenders, and this made grow up with the mindset that you have to be steadfast in anything you do. Well, as she grew, she left India to the US, and this was when she was 30, and she left because she needed to earn more money to take care of her family. Truly, the new society she found herself in was free, and everybody had the right to do how they felt. Well, her spiritual upbringing meant that she still stood for the things she believed in, and this helped her get a good job.

How the society can shape you

At her company, her bosses liked her because of the way she carries herself, and went about her business in the firm. This was shaping her for a promotion, and before long she was promoted because she deligently did her work, and the company saw good results. The society she grew up in shaped her to become the successful lady that she is today, and she has tried to use her story to encourage others.

Truly, you can allow the society you find yourself in affect you positively or negatively, but you will take responsibility for all the actions. If you come from a bad society, you can use that as a source of inspiration to bring change to the place. Again, if you come from a good society, then it can serve as a stepping stone for you to go on, and achieve more things with your life.