The best things we did for the society

There are things we need to do for the society as all we can help them in any way we can. This is because we may be willing to help them in other ways, but we can’t though there are the small thing we can do for them. You can try to find ways to know their needs what they need from you, then you can assist them.

These are those  who cannot

These are those who cannot afford money to go to the hospital we had to tell them the importance of having the NHif card we told them where they can get more information about this if they don’t know. In this, we did best thing for them as this is not a must you give them money as you only help where you can. It is good to always do best thing for the persons near you as you may need them one day in another way. Many may think that doing best for others is by giving out money but there are other things that are more than the money.

The best things we did for the society

It is good to do the best thing for you while you are alive as we will all be judged for what we did when we were alive. Another thing is that we may never get a chance to do best things for others so is good to do them whenever you can. Therefore, this is good to do best thing for the people around us now as they may be of need of us when you do this. You can still go to the poor families finding those who would like to join school. Those that can’t afford to pay for their school fees. And it was the best thing we did for them, they were too happy to hear that they would be joining school.

Keep cleaning the environment, do the social work to help needy people, do plantation and inspire others to do same. You can take responsibility of education to poor people and make aware them for anything new. Do things that will benefit society this is like opening schools for their children’s, and you may even decide to clean the environment. We are supposed to do best thing, then just keep quiet is not a must to tell every person of what you have done. It is even good not to be noticed for your help.

This will only take a small amount of your time each week, and in doing this you can make a difference in the lives of people in society around you. Depending on your personal interests, you could. They need us at this moment as some don’t even have that money that they can get for themselves a mask. With us giving them the mask for free or even we had to give them the sanitizer to have with them. In doing this you might help them to be free from virus, another thing that we did to reach out for the poor in their homes.